80  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES
: This is one of those Early Series numbers that was assigned twice, first to a PPP dish and,
after PPP was discontinued in 1934, to a Remued shape.

80  (Early Series; PPP)   Dish with wavy rim.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in another series, but it is almost identical to Early Series  / PPP 92.
Later Series 70 is somewhat similar.

Dimensions; height 4 - 5 cm, diameter 11 - 13 cm.

80  (Early Series)   Tall lamp base (?)

The only record is this faint shape-book fragment. The sketch is lost but the page is headed 'Lampstands' and other entries on the same page are known lamp bases.

Height; from shape book, about 24 - 25 cm.

    Nicholnack art in pottery 
Un-numbered, base stamped PPP
Motto; 'Faint heart never won fair lady'
The underside of this dish has a red ochre glaze, similar to the clay colour of original Torquay ware.

Shape book 'C'
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
    In the style of Torquay motto-ware.
    Bases stamped with the PPP monogram and incised 80
    Left "East West, Hame's Best", right "Don't worry it may never happen".

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Comparison;  Early Series / PPP 92 (left)
with Early Series 80 (same piece as above left)