67  (Early Series)   Small pot, wide mouth with upright collar, no flare.

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - Later Series 44
Early Series 52 is also similar.

Height; 8 - 8.5 cm

67  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES.
: This is one of those Early Series numbers that was assigned twice, first to a PPP cream jug and sugar basin set, then after PPP was discontinued, to a Remued pot.

67  (Early Series; PPP)   Upright cream jug, with sugar bowl.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded).

There is a question mark regarding the numbering of the bowl  Only a single numbered example is recorded to date and unfortunately no shape-book record exists. The bowl is clearly incised 67, but another very similar bowl is recorded numbered Early Series / PPP 69.    Perhaps two cream-jug-and-sugar-bowl sets shared the same-shaped bowl?

Heights; Jug 9 -10 cm;  Bowl 6 cm.

Mill Markets, Geelong, Vic.
Base of jug stamped PPP, incised 67.
Seen here with matching un-numbered sugar-bowl.
Motto; on jug, "Have some cream". On bowl,  "Help yourself".

Collection; John Stephens
base unmarked.
Shape book 'E'

No stamp. Base incised 67.
This is the only numbered example recorded.
A very similar shape is also recorded at Early Series 69.
Nicholnack art in pottery
Un-numbered, PPP stamp. Height 6.2 cm.
Stamped PPP, incised 67.
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